Winter's Gate

Walk through the gate.

Know that courage is not the absence of fear. Acknowledge this understanding and move across the threshold.

Stillness is a teacher. And to be in continuous bloom wrecks havoc on your health. Merge with the quiet moments, for they compost the soil for your rebirth come spring.

Growth and death are important to the life cycle. Though considered dead to the naked eye, many plant species, for example, require darkness, whether from less sun, snow cover, or a combination of factors, as well as stillness — the Dreamtime — in order to grow.

Yes, the long nights and cold, short days affect serotonin levels. When balanced with self-care and the space to live a more introverted life during the winter months, your serotonin levels increase, and you also connect with inner wisdom and the deepest roots of your personal power.

So surrender to the stillness, to the Dreamtime, for both wisdom and the beginnings of life reside at its very heart.