Mindful Photography

Photography is a form of meditation and an expression of mindfulness.

How do I know when to hit the shutter-release button? How do I time that moment, that threshold? Well, I just know — a feeling deep inside.

At best, I can describe it as an always-changing ability to continuously listen to and re-develop a relationship with myself, my camera, and that which is around me at all times. I’m constantly honing and learning new ways of doing so, by writing in my journal, studying the technical aspects of photography, working with my mentors on how to improve my pictures, and connecting with nature and her patterns. And there are times, such as illness or stress, when I really need to trust my instincts.

A bad ear infection, and episodes of double vision and dizziness, have caused my other senses to compensate for my ability to hear and balance since last Thursday night. Despite my symptoms, the promise of a beautiful sunrise and the possibility of seeing seals called me out of bed on Saturday. Moments before I took the featured images in this post, I heard the seals barking in the distance, the waves lapping at the shore, and the gulls screeching over the wind’s relentless moaning. Suddenly, for half a second at most, there was complete silence, and everything became one. I intuitively knew, “NOW. Take it now” — a threshold I call “Wild Hearth.”

So I invite photographers, hobby and professional, to share their experiences. We have different ways of interpreting relationships with our cameras and subject matter. Feel free to email me using the envelope icon at the bottom of the page or leave a comment.