One Misty Sunrise

There’s a local place I like to frequent for sunrise sessions. And I’m not alone. The land vibrates with power and calls people to meander its garden paths and explore its shores.

During a recent visit, I found myself surrounded by mist. A part of me frowned at this typical New England change in weather. But I then stilled myself and listened.

According to Celtic traditions, the mist is both a teacher and an indicator of betwixt and between, such as locales where we can speak to and connect with All-That-Is. To be able to do so is at the heart of many religions and spiritual paths.

Frank MacEowen, on page 13 of his book, The Mist-Filled Path: Celtic Wisdom for Exiles, Wanderers, and Seekers, recounts his own experience as a consciousness “ … that stirred within my soul that day the mist enveloped me. As it embraced me, I felt not only that I belong in the forest, but also that I belong to her."

Knowing this, I touched my silver Brigid's Cross pendant hanging just above my heart and reached out to the mist. She welcomed me, and I, her: anam caras walking the garden paths home — home to … belonging.