A Wisewoman's Prayer

Loam under fingernails.  Toes buried in soil.  Air fragrant with moist, rich earth.

I relish my moments spent in the garden -- a visual altar, so to speak, of my relationship with the land and its energies.  I feed and water as needed; the plants grow, pushing skyward, creeping along the ground.

Yarrow, the wisewoman's herb, guards the gate; while wind chimes dance in the twilight -- calling the Old Ones home ... among the nodding columbine, viola, and alyssum.  This garden witch's charm I weave, with harm to none, so mote it be.


Just breathe.  And pause for a moment.

Life is perfectly imperfect -- a crazy, fascinating journey. 

Last night's dishes are still stacked in your sink.  That one corner in your bedroom looks like a shrine dedicated to work clothes and other miscellany yet to be sorted.  And perhaps, just perhaps, the dust bunnies are morphing into something really strange under your bed.

Imperfect Meditation

But does that matter? 

You're so much more than the polished perfection of Better Homes and Gardens or the air-brushed beauty standards depicted in Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

Love yourself.  Flow with life.

Living Wild Hearth

Welcome, folks, to Wild Hearth ...

  • an intuitive way of seeing the world;
  • a threshold briefly glimpsed in daily living and nature; and
  • an imperfect life prayer rooted in the sacredness of dust, gratitude, love, and family.

This blog grows out of my experience as a writer, photographer, and nature lover.

You'll find pictures paired with inspirational quotes, thoughtful musings about life, and notes from my hearth to yours.  You're invited to come in, grab a cuppa, and sit down. 

Let's get to know one another.

Sunrise Prayer